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Your experience of surgery is important us. 

For most patients, a new diagnosis or potential upcoming surgery can be a daunting experience. With an empathetic approach to patient care & open communication, Mr MacLeod works to alleviate his patients' concerns.


"Providing consistent, reliable communication that is responsive to the changing needs of my patients is so important to how I practice surgery."

- Mr Andrew MacLeod.

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Consulting Locations



Mr MacLeod's consulting rooms are located at the Wangaratta Specialist Centre, 6 Green Street Wangaratta 3677

Also Consulting at:

  • Yarrawonga Hospital

  • Mansfield Central General Practice

  • Mansfield Medical Centre

  • Benalla Hospital


General Surgical Conditions treated by Mr MacLeod.


Breast Surgery

Surgery for breast conditions can be commonly indicated a variety of reasons including benign breast lumps, breast cancer, nipple discharge or other symptoms.  LEARN MORE >

Gallbladder Surgery

The most common indication for surgery to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) is symptomatic gallstones.  LEARN MORE >

Hernia Surgery

A Hernia occurs when an area of the abdominal wall muscle becomes weakened and allows a structure from within the abdomen to protrude. LEARN MORE >



Colonoscopy is a procedure performed to visualise the colon and rectum using a flexible camera and it is used to diagnose disease of the bowel.  LEARN MORE >


Gastroscopy is a procedure performed to visualise the upper gastrointestinal tract, using a flexible camera and it is used to diagnose disease of the upper GI tract.  LEARN MORE >


Vasectomy is a common procedure performed on men to achieve sterility. LEARN MORE >


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common condition which can cause symptoms ranging from mild annoyance to debilitating numbness in the hand and wrist.  LEARN MORE >

Skin Surgery

Procedures for skin problems are common, and range from removing benign lesions (such as cysts or lipoma) to more complex skin cancer surgery.  LEARN MORE >

Thyroid Surgery

A common reason for referral to a surgeon is the discovery of a lump (nodule) in the thyroid gland.  LEARN MORE >

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