Information for Doctors.

Mr Andrew MacLeod General Surgeon Wangaratta

How do I refer a patient to Mr MacLeod?

Often the fastest way to refer a patient is to simply fax a letter through to Mr MacLeod's surgical consulting rooms at Wangaratta Specialist Centre on Fax number: (03) 5721 9744. 

Please ask your patient to contact the surgical consulting rooms to make an appointment once the referral has been sent through.

What surgical procedures does Mr MacLeod Perform?

Examples of the procedures Mr MacLeod performs include:

I have a complex patient or an unwell patient requiring an urgent appointment - are you happy to discuss the situation over the phone?

Absolutely. Please call me at any time on (03) 5721 4366.

Do you forward correspondence after seeing referrals?

Yes. Letters are distributed to referring GP’s usually within 24-hours of seeing a patient. Operation Reports are also sent to referring GP’s with a copy of any histology reports.

If an Operation Report or letter hasn’t arrived at your practice, please contact Mr MacLeod's rooms here.